(概要文: 牧野正幸)

頁数: 288
判型: A5
フォーマット: 並製本
言語: 日本語
印刷: 藤原印刷
ブックデザイン: 牧野正幸
出版: 湯浅良介(Office Yuasa)
限定500部 エディションナンバー入り

出展者: 湯浅良介、高野ユリカ、川越健太、大村高広、梅原徹、成定由香沙、堤有希、植田実
寄稿者: 中山英之、湯浅良介、高野ユリカ、川越健太、大村高広、梅原徹、成定由香沙、堤有希、門脇 耕三
写真: 高野ユリカ、川越健太
ドキュメント: 徳山史典、成定由香沙
ビデオ: 梅原徹、成定由香沙
ドローイング: 湯浅良介

This book is a record of the exhibition “HOUSEPLAYING” which took place in the “FLASH” house designed by the architect Ryosuke Yuasa.
The exhibition was held amid the living space of the house resident. Artists exhibited and welcomed the visitors with their works created under the theme “VIDEO(which means “I see” in Latin)and based on the “FLASH” house. Visitors, with no relations to the resident, could enter in a space where one’s everyday life was crystallized. This created a multilayered exhibition space where visitors could wander between the “FLASH” house itself, resident’s belongings and artworks.

This book was composed under the exhibition theme “VIDEO” and was developed as an object which has its proper time and space by using elements like texts, photography, documents or drawings that have different time axes and are result of a “recording” process. It is an attempt to escape from the reductionism of the “recording” process by creating a new sharable exhibition space with visitors who will take the book even if that person did not go to the actual exhibition.

Pages: 288
Dimensions: W148×H210 (mm)
Format: Perfect binding
Language: Japanese
Printing: Fujiwara printing
Book design: Masayuki Makino
Printed and bound in Japan
Published by Ryosuke Yuasa
Offset printing
Edition of 500 copies

Exhibitors: Ryosuke Yuasa, Yurika Kono, Kenta Kawagoe, Takahiro Ohmura, Tetsu Umehara, Yukasa Narisada, Yuki Tsutsumi, Makoto Ueda
Text: Hideyuki Nakayama, Ryosuke Yuasa, Yurika Kono, Kenta Kawagoe, Takahiro Ohmura, Tetsu Umehara, Yukasa Narisada, Yuki Tsutsumi, Kozo Kadowaki
Photography: Yurika Kono, Kenta Kawagoe
Documentation: Fuminori Toquyama (Photography), Yukasa Narisada (Photography and Video)
Video: Tetsu Umehara (Music), Yukasa Narisada (Video)
Drawing: Ryosuke Yuasa